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We have two distinct sections, addressed for two different client groups:

Just professional American sports picks (Baseball - MLB, Basketball - NBA and Hockey - NHL), for 12 months each and every year!
This section is adressed mainly to our USA and Canada based subscribers.

Just football (soccer) picks (tips), for 12 months each and every year!
This section is adressed mainly to our subscribers living outside the US and Canada.

With these said, we are encouraging all our clients to explore both sections, as the profit targets per a fixed time period is about the same in both our sections.

CapperTek Verified Sports Handicapping Service
Free Picks and Parlays Verified by CapperTek on 12-19-2018

Green Pitch is a sports service addressed for the serious sports bettor. Such bettor is treating sports betting as a business.
Our service is also for anyone looking for legitimate ways to make an online income.

For those who do not know this yet:
Sports betting not an easy process, and is very far from some kind of "get quick rich" bullshit.
...But your perseverance will be very well worth. Steady and diligent, your sports-betting bankroll should always grow.

If you are joining, you need to be prepared for every-day betting.
You will need to start from a very small betting bankroll, and build it up step by step, to many times it's initial value.

In order to follow this process exactly, Green Pitch Sports will be providing all you need on a daily basis.

Maximum 10 minutes is required from you every day, consisting in checking your e-mail and placing your wager(s) in your bookmaker's betting account, exactly as directed.
We have usually just 1 play per day, and rarely we have 2 plays in a day. Also, rarely happens that we do not have any play on a given day.

For our membership details see "Membership Fees" and "Membership Details".
We also have great guarantee, check it at "Guarantee".

Before taking a final decision of joining us, you should consult the "Money Management" and "Proofing" sections.

We are looking just for serious people to join, and we hope that they will stay with Green Pitch Sports for the whole length of their active bettor life.

To our success in betting,
The Green Pitch Team

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